UNITED Soccer Club believes you should have a clear vision and understanding of what you can expect during your seasons with the Club, after all we are a service provider and you are paying us hard earned money and should know what you are getting for it. 

As with any business our product must fit your needs and you should be satisfied that our product delivers on its promises, that our service matches and exceeds your expectations. We understand that you have choices, the best marketing we can have is YOU relating your experiences to your friends, family and neighbors.  We do not take you for granted, you are a valued client, customer of our organization and you should be treated as such. We are, and want to stay, a small club. Being small allows us to focus on keeping our vision on track, to focus on each player individually, to implement new ideas quickly and just as importantly, keep in touch with each and every family in our Club.

This document provides you with a clear view of what you should expect from UNITED Soccer Club and its coaches. It also tells you what UNITED expects from our players and from our parents, it is only fair that we all have an understanding of the expectations that way we are all going in the same direction and can focus on what is really important, the players.


The name UNITED came from our desire to create a soccer program in the area that is dedicated to doing more than just being the biggest, a club that provides a quality experience, a club in which the coaches, parents and players are UNITED in one common goal; the purpose of giving children a positive experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

UNITED clearly states and communicated its goals, objectives and philosophy as a Club. We do NOT aspire to be the biggest soccer organization, to be known on the national stage or to be part of a national organization. We believe local is better.  Our goal for every player is to equip and educate each one to help them achieve their personal goals, to get them ready to play High School soccer.

We believe and practice ELM: Effort, Learning and Mistakes are okay. Rewarding effort and not just outcomes, recognize players unsuccessful effort.

  • Practice the 5:1: five  truthful, specific praises for each constructive criticism
  • Dual purposed coaching: No win at all cost policy, strive to win and teach PLUS teaching life lessons through sport


  • Dual coaching No win at all cost policy, strive to win and teach PLUS teaching life lessons through sport
  • UNITED coaches all believe in our Mission/Vision statement and strive to uphold all the tenants of the UNITED Coaching Philosophy
  • United coaches do not have more than 2 teams at any one time
  • UNITED coaches share database of skills so they are all working towards the same goals
  • UNITED coaches teach and practice ROOTS philosophy: Respect for Officials, Opponents, Teammates, Self 
  • UNITED Coaches have clear, precise goals for their teams and each player

Social Skills and Responsibility

  • Club events several times per year including end of season parties
  • School is more important that soccer. Coaches remind players that soccer is for fun, school is for life
  • At UNITED we acknowledge and celebrate our players academic success, whether that is Beta Club, Robotics Club or school sporting achievements. 
  • Players are part of a TEAM, we win together and we lose together, we teach that nothing happens without the team; score a goal? who made the pass? win a game? not without the defense and goalkeeper. 
  • Players are encouraged to be responsible for getting to practice and game with all the correct equipment
  • Player MUST take part in two outreach projects each year.
  • It is not all about wins and losses

Measurable Progress

We believe it is important that each player and parent sees progress in the skill level and game knowledge. UNITED measures progress through two programs:


At UNITED we provide each player with three evaluations/assessments per year. Each player is challenged to evaluate themselves using the UNITED Assessment form, this form is broken into four sections:

  • Technical
  • Tactical
  • Physical
  • Mental

Each section contains questions for which each player grades themselves on a scale of 1-5, their coach will also fill out the form using the same criteria. The Coach hold a one on one meeting with each player to discuss their progress and suggest ways to improve their scores before the next assessment period. UNITED goalkeepers have a separate assessment form specific to their skills.

-Skills Academy

At the core of every soccer players success is mastery of four basic skills, juggling, dribbling passing and shooting. The UNITED Skills Academy challenges every player to constantly improve these skills, each month UNITED players are tested and their scores are recorded on their personal tracking cards. Upon attaining the required scores in each discipline the player is awarded a patch to wear on their uniform along with a certificate. The Skills Academy is permanently setup at UNITED Field and players are encouraged to continue to come out and practice their core skills.