Youth Tryout Policy

The purpose of UNITED SC Soccer Club (UNITED SC) Tryouts/Assessments is to:

  1. Evaluate existing UNITED SC players and to provide UNITED SC coaches an opportunity to:
    1. see all players in their true-age groups
    2. form new teams
    3. supplement existing teams
    4. see players for future guest playing opportunities
  2. Provide existing UNITED SC players that wish to move or double-roster an opportunity to play for another UNITED SC team
  3. Provide new players the chance to be seen and evaluated as to where they would best fit into UNITED SC

UNITED SC will hold club-wide tryouts/assessments on at least an annual basis. All players are expected to attend their scheduled true-age group tryouts/assessments every year regardless of the team they played for previously. Players failing to attend tryouts/assessments will not be placed on a team until they are assessed by the Coaching Committee. All UNITED SC teams within an age group will hold tryouts/assessments together. Coaches will be assigned to their respective teams by the Technical Director with assistance from the Coaching Committee prior to tryouts/assessments.

The Technical Director in conjunction with the Coaching Committee and various Age Group Coaches shall establish teams based on criteria agreed upon based on the goals and objectives of that age group within the UNITED SC. Players wishing to “play up” may declare that desire while attending their true-age group tryouts/assessments session(s), however, this will not be discussed/addressed until after teams are formed. “Intact” teams desiring to join UNITED SC shall be allowed a one seasonal-year grace period (or until the next tryout/assessment period) upon acceptance into the club, but thereafter players on those teams shall be required to attend tryouts/assessments and may be assigned to other teams within UNITED SC.

Once teams are established, Head Coaches will be responsible to contact all players in their assigned teams. It is estimated that establishment of teams within each age group and contacting of each player within each age group should take no longer than 5 days after the completion of each age group tryouts/assessments.

Players/parents need to consider each team’s goals and make-up, and agree to the factors/criteria before indicating their interest and/or accepting an invitation (refer to the UNITED SC recommended teams’ goals and make-up factors/criteria listed at the end of this document). A decision to accept/decline must be communicated to the Head Coach within 24 hours, if the Head Coach has not heard after that time the offer will be rescinded.

Players may choose not to play on the teams to which they are selected; however, players declining a position on the team to which they are selected are not guaranteed a place on that team in the future.

Teams are officially formed after tryouts/assessments each year. However, players should be advised that they are “trying out/being assessed” throughout the year at group practices, goalie training, guest playing, etc.

Team chemistry is taken into consideration in formation of teams at the conclusion of tryouts. Players that are not “team players” or cannot fully commit to attending required team functions (games, practices, travel, fund raising, and team gatherings) may not receive an invitation to become part of UNITED SC. Players whose parents have continually exhibited behavior contrary to UNITED SC’s Code of Conduct will not receive an invitation to become part of UNITED SC.

UNITED SC coaches shall encourage all players to play at the highest level at which the player is capable.

Double-rostering on other UNITED SC teams is permitted with the permission of the player’s primary UNITED SC team’s Head Coach and provided the double-rostering is to an UNITED SC team which is within a 2-year age band higher from the player’s true-age group. Double-rostering to other clubs or independent teams is not permitted, however, guest playing with non-UNITED SC teams is permitted with the approval of the player’s primary UNITED SC team’s Head Coach in tournaments where no UNITED SC teams are entered in that specific age group. UNITED SC players may be permitted to play on boy’s teams with the approval of the player’s primary UNITED SC team’s Head Coach.

Criteria Competitive
  (U12 and older)
Team Goal & Make-up
  • Competitive players in their “true” age group with solid foundation of basic individual skills & tactical understanding of game.
  • Strong desire to play at the next level.
  • Highly committed to participate in multiple tournaments, depending on age group.
Commitment to academics, personal development and soccer
  • Student first” in very good academic standing with a commitment to excellence; summer school attendance not required.
  • Healthy lifestyle and habits.
  • Driven, compassionate athlete determined to learn, train, stand-out on their own, and bring out the best in their teammates
  • Positive influence in the community.
  • Multi-sport athletes must work out conflicts with secondary sport coaches.
  • Exceptions may be made for player who makes impact without attending all training sessions (very rare.)
Practices and Games
  • Present at all training sessions & games:
    • 2-3 times/wk.
    • 4-5 times/wk pre-tournament training.
  • Location(s) determined by coach; able to practice at multiple locations
Tournaments U8-U10: 2-3 tournaments per season. All in town
U12-U13: 3-5 tournaments per season including 2 out of town
U14-U15: 4-6 tournaments per season including up to 3 out of town
U16-U19: 4 tournaments per season including 1 out of town
  • Participate in mandatory team fundraisers.
  • May be offered “buy out” for some fundraisers