Why We Are Different

At UNITED it is not all about the wins, it is about seeing progress. Progress of the player and of the team towards achieving personal and team goals set before each season starts. At UNITED we believe that monitoring progress will lead to better players and better teams.

At UNITED we not only celebrate progress on the field, we celebrate players Academic and personal achievements, whether that is making a Junior Beta club or competing in a charity 5k off field successes are just as important.

Our Club goal is simple, to help players achieve their personal goals-to help them acquire the skills and knowledge to play on their High School team or to go even further.

Every UNITED player is given a personal assessment at the beginning of each season. Working with their Coach the players are encouraged to assess their skill level in each of the major categories, passing, foot skills, knowledge of the game etc. The players set themselves targets in each category and they will meet with their Coach at the end of each season to assess their progress

The UNITED Skills Academy

All UNITED coaches are not only great teachers of the game but they are fully invested in our Club philosophy and in our Club goals.

At High School tryouts 92% of UNITED players were chosen to play for their High School

For more information regarding tryouts, or if you are a non-registered player, contact us at unitedsoccerclubtn@gmail.com